This collection of film clips and trailers was compiled from our vault of recovery based footage created by Northern Light Productions for this project during the past six years.

From ONE DAY AT A TIME Director Susan Gray: “Documentary filmmaking is not like making a scripted, fiction film. Our job is to identify the heart of the story, and then find people and situations that we can film in real time to translate that story into an emotional journey of discovery and understanding.

We began this film after seeing the play Bill W. and Dr. Bob in Boston. That led to a collaboration with the playwrites and Hazelden to make a DVD of the Off-Broadway production. That collaboration and interest in the subject has led us on a voyage to tell the story of recovery to the world.  

What began as interest in the historical story of how AA was formed, has continued with a deep interest in the 12 steps and spiritual underpinnings of the AA program and how, in today’s climate of addiction, those steps remain relevant in today’s world and into the future in dealing with the plague of addiction on our planet. The years we have spent traveling, exploring, researching and working with experts in the field of recovery have helped us hone in on what is essential about this story and what needs to be told.”