The mission of “One Day at a Time” and the film’s companion educational programs is to raise awareness about 12 Step Recovery and its transformative power for healing and bring a message of hope to alcoholics and addicts in need throughout the world.  It is a large ambitious effort, not taken lightly but made with commitment and compassion. 

Northern Light Productions is producing this powerful documentary film for worldwide television – to inform the world about one of the most remarkable and significant—yet largely unknown—stories of the 20th century: the emergence of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our documentary will tell the history of AA and 12 Step Recovery in the US, speak to the science of addiction, the healing legacy of the 12 Steps and how they work and point to youth based initiatives which are changing the demographic and the culture of 12 step recovery.



To date we have secured the participation of American Public Television to reach an American audience. APT distributes programming to roughly 350 PBS stations around the country. Overseas we have attracted the interest of ABC Australia, Arte France and Germany, the BBC in Britain, the CBC in Canada, broadcasters in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Spain, and Italy. We continue to expand this audience through international broadcasts as interest in the film continues to grow. The broadcast will be part of a larger, multimedia education campaign to reach an even larger audience.



The Recovery Education phase of this project is a 21st Century Campaign to assist in obliterating the pandemic of addiction and alcoholism andwill involve partnering with Hazelden Publishing and educational organizations who can facilitate outreach and dialogue through multi-media platforms, the internet and educational screenings of the film.

With guidance from experts in the field of Addictionology and Treatment – Hazelden Publishing will create educational materials to accompany the film which will be packaged together and made available to public schools, Universities, Community Colleges, Prisons and Military Installations.
AA’s approach to the treatment of alcoholism has shaped the understanding and treatment of addictions to all substances and behaviors including, drugs, food, sex, gambling, spending—even workaholism and has spread to 170 countries across the world with over 114,000 groups and two million members.  

Few institutions in American society are more far-reaching, diverse and enduring; few communities are more egalitarian and vital; and when it comes to dealing with arguably the greatest scourge of our society—addiction—no organization is more widespread and influential. Over 30 million people regularly attend various 12 Step Programs in the United States alone.
Through the distribution of this film and educational materials – every grade school, middle school, High School and College Student in the United States and beyond will be given the opportunity to know the history and the hope of America’s Greatest Gift to the World – Alcoholics Anonymous, ALAnon and 12 Step Recovery.