Bill Borchert

William G Borchert was nominated for an Emmy in 1989 for writing the highly acclaimed Warner Brothers/Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, My Name Is Bill W., which starred James Garner, James Woods, and JoBeth Williams. The film was based upon material gathered from personal interviews and in-depth research. The author began his career as a journalist, working first as a reporter for one of New York City's largest daily newspapers and also for a major media wire service. After writing for a national magazine and creating syndicated shows for radio, Bill became a partner at Artists Entertainment Complex, a new independent film and talent management company that went on to produce a number of box office hits. These included Kansas City Bomber starring Racquel Welch, Serpico starring Al Pacino, and Dog Day Afternoon, also starring Al Pacino. A member of The Writers Guild of America and a director of The Stepping Stones Foundation, the author continues his active writing career. Borchert and his wife, Bernadette split their time between New York and Little River, South Carolina, where they are frequently visited by their nine children and their twenty-three grandchildren.


Mel Barger

Mel B. is a renown A.A. Historian and author of "Pass It On - AA's authorized biography of co-founder Bill Wilson. In addition to authoring the play Ebby: The Man Who Sponsored Bill W., he has also authored two Hazelden books, New Wine and Walk In Dry Places, as well as several Hazelden pamphlets. He has also contributed more than fifty articles to The Grapevine, the international journal of AA.

Wally Patton

Wally Patton

Wally is a prominent A.A. and 12 Step Historian and Archivist and the author of Back to Basics–The Alcoholics Anonymous Beginners’ Meetings. Back to Basics Meetings have grown to more than 2,500 groups, and produced more than 150,000 since 1997. Wally has been traveling across the United States carrying the message of the Twelve Step pioneers at Back to Basics and How to Listen to God seminars. He has personally taken over 20,000 people through the Twelve Steps and has witnessed countless miracles of recovery.


Michael (Mike) Fitzpatrick

Michael (Mike) Fitzpatrick is a renowned historian of the twelve step movements, conference speaker, workshop & retreat leader and the author four Hazelden books including "Bill W. and Dr. Bob Speak" and "1000 Years of Sobriety". Mike is a consultant to Hazelden, and American Addiction Centers and he is currently the VP of Business Development for Solid Landings Behavioral Health. He is also the owner of - the largest collection of speaker recordings from the addiction recovery community including 12 Step Founds and Pioneers and Recovery Speakers from A.A., Alanon, CODA, CA, NA, SA, OA and GA.


William White

William White has more than 30 years of experience working in the addiction treatment field as a clinician, clinical director, administrator, researcher, and well-traveled trainer and consultant. His book Slaying the Dragon is considered one of the most comprehensive and detailed treatments of the history of addiction treatment and recovery in America, making him uniquely qualified to place the history and philosophy of AA in its historical context. He is currently a senior research consultant at Chestnut Health Systems’ Lighthouse Institute, where he pursues his interests in clinical research, writing and training.


Nick Motu

Nick Motu is Publisher and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Hazelden. Mr. Motu is responsible for the overall management of one of the world’s largest publishers of proven-effective addiction treatment, recovery, and prevention books, DVDs, and curricula to individual consumers, treatment programs, schools, hospitals, mental health agencies, correctional facilities, churches, and human resources programs. He has received numerous awards of excellence for promotion, advertising and publications.


George Valliant

Dr. Vaillant has spent his research career charting adult development by comparing the lives of 824 men and women over the course of more than 60 years. Part of that research involved a longitudinal comparison of alcoholic men since the 1940s that resulted in the seminal work The Natural History of Alcoholism. Dr. Valliant’s work contributed significantly to the American Medical Association’s decision to classify Alcoholism as a disease.


Dr. Al Mooney

Al J. Mooney, M.D., is an internationally recognized expert and pioneer in the field of addiction medicine and a recovery activist. He is Chairman of the Board of The Willingway Foundation and Hospital which is known at the “Betty Ford Center of the South”. Dr. Mooney’s parents (close friends of Bill and Lois Wilson) founded AlaTeen and Dr. Al was the first member of Alateen. Dr. Mooney is the author of The Recovery Book. and has acquired the largest collection of Bill W. memorabilia outside of A.A.’s Archives.  He was one of the first U.S. physicians to be certified in Addiction Medicine.


Samuel Shem

Samuel Shem is the pen-name of the American psychiatrist Stephen Joseph Bergman. His main works are The House of God and Mount Misery, both fictional but close-to-real first-hand descriptions of the training of doctors in the United States. Bergman was a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford in 1966. Bergman is as of 2005 professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, division of addictions. Shem’s award winning play (which he co-authored with Dr. Janet Surrey) Bill W. and Dr. Bob had an Off Broadway run at New World Stage in New York City in 2007 and a revivalOff Broadway in 2013 at the SoHo Playhouse.


Dr. Richard Dávila

Dr. Richard D. Dávila is currently the Coordinator of the Addiction Studies Track and has served as the Associate Dean for the School of Human Services for Springfield College. He has more than thirty years of experience in education and addictions training. Dr. Dávila is a prominent international lecturer in adult alcohol and drug education, and has presented at national addiction conference's.He has served on many local, state and national agency boards in the field of addictions including for the office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Dr. Dávila is an International/National Certified Gambling Counselor and a Certified Recovery Coach and Trainer of Trainers (TOT) for the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy. He is a person in long term recovery. He is the co-author of two books, "Recovery Family Mentor", and "Live Your Life Not Your Story".


Dr. Philip Diaz

Dr. Diaz is the former Assistant Deputy Director for prevention in the Office of Demand Reduction with The Office of National Drug Control Policy at the White House. He was the lead federal official in the development of national and international drug prevention policy. Dr. Diaz was the Governmental Affairs office for the Recovery Network which linked television and radio programming with the social service sector. He is a founding board member of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, and the National Drug Prevention League.


Rabbi Dr. Michael Mendel Galer

Dr. Galer is a former Fellow of The American Film Institute and is currently Principal Consultant for the L’CHAIM INSTITUTE and serves as Director of Academic Affairs for The University of Phoenix, Jacksonville Campus. Dr. Galer has created over 200 hours of original TV programming addressing behavioral healthcare issues and Produced programming for Nickelodeon and MTV. Dr. Galer earned his BA from Goddard College in Vermont; MFA in Television Marketing and Production from the American Film Institute; MBA from Northeastern University, Boston, MA ; DBA, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL



Peter Dobkin Hall

Peter Dobkin Hall is a Harvard historian and expert on civil society, who is able to comment on the uniqueness of AA as an organization and how it fulfills the role of the recovering addict’s need for community. He has written multiple books and articles including Organizational Aspects of Religion and Religious Aspects of Organizations. He is currently the Hauser Lecturer on Nonprofit Organizations at the Kennedy School of Government and a lecturer in Harvard’s history department.


William Rorabaugh

Author of The Alcoholic Republic: An American Tradition, Bill Rorabaugh is one of the nation’s leading experts on the cultural history of alcoholism in the United States. As such he is uniquely qualified to provide the historical and cultural context for the advent of AA, including both direct and indirect precedents. Rorabaugh is a professor of history at the University of Washington and recently became president of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society.


David Lamberth

David Lamberth is a noted expert on the philosophy of William James, whose famous work The Varieties of Religious Experience was key to the philosophy and genesis of AA. Lamberth’s book William James and the Metaphysics of Experience shows his interest in the revival James’ philosophy of pragmatism, and pursues in particular the inherent engagement with religion in James’s philosophical system. He is currently an associate professor of theology at the Harvard Divinity School.


The Development Team

Gary Kimble

Director of Project Development

Gary K. - a recovering alcoholic and addict - travels from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada serving as a Recovery Circuit speaker, appearing as a frequent guest on radio and Network television advocating for 12 Step recovery and performing the role of Bill W. in the live touring production “Pass It On…An Evening with Bill W. and Dr. Bob” presented by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD, Inc.). He also portrayed Bill W. in the national tour of the Off Broadway play “Bill W. and Dr. Bob” seen during the 75th International A.A. Convention and serves as CEO of Unflappable Recovery Entertainment, NYC – dedicated to celebrating sobriety through the mediums of theater, film and television. Gary K is the author of the new Hazelden book “WALK THE TALK WITH STEP 12 – Staying Sober through Service” andconducts workshops and seminars detailing Step 12, Sponsorship and the early history of 12 Step Recovery. 


Marie Krebs

Marie served for many years as the Executive Director of the Twelfth Step Ministries, Inc. in Dallas, TX. She earned a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership and Ethics, from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas and a Masters of Science in Counseling from S.M.U. Marie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, and Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist, an APSATS Certified Clinical Partner Trauma Specialist, a Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Spiritual Director. In addition to overseeing over eighty 12 Step Recovery meetings per week at the Center for Spiritual Development, Marie also develops and produces continuing education opportunities for the recovery and professional community. Marie has dedicated her career to ending the stigma that surrounds those that struggle with the disease of addiction and alcoholism through educating and informing the public about the complex nature of addiction and the evidence based treatment options that are available to treat this disease.


Markey Ford

Markey Ford walks the recovery talk in Little Rock and Central Arkansas, referred to in the recovery field as the "Big Book Belt". For over 10 years Markey served as Executive Director of the Wolfe Street Foundation which houses the largest A.A. and Alanon archive outside of Akron Ohio – founded in 1982 by Markey’s mentor and friend – 12 Step Recovery Pioneer Joe McQ. Markey believes that her purpose in life is to be of maximum service to God and her fellow man and carry the message of recovery to as many people as possible. Through her work at the Wolfe Street Foundation, following Joe's McQ’s Big Book teachings to the best of her ability, focusing on Steps six, seven and twelve - Markey led the charge to ensuring that life-saving services were provided to tens of thousands of alcoholics, addicts and their families seeking information, treatment and support for alcoholism and addiction recovery.


John McAndrew

John McAndrew’s recovery based music has been heard around the world at recovery conferences and National events including at the NAADAC National Conference in Washington D.C., Hazelden’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, the 50th Anniversary of NATO at the Vice President’s Residence in Washington D.C., The National Town Hall Meeting with Colin Powell, the Betty Ford Center, Cirque Lodge and Sundance. John has served as keynote speaker for Eric Clapton’s annual Crossroads Centre Alumni Reception in Antigua West Indies and was the 2012 recipient of the NAADAC National Presidents Award for Service in the field of Recovery.


John Hulick

John Hulick is Managing Partner at In Depth Solutions, LLC where he is dedicated to guiding the dynamic change activities of private and public sector organizations.  He has served as Policy Advisor to Governor Christopher J. Christie for Human Services, Children and Families and, subsequently, as Executive Director of the Governor’s Council of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.  John has a history of providing exceptional leadership complemented with expertise in policy development; organizational growth; and, communications.  He is also a recognized expert on addiction prevention, treatment and recovery policy and has participated in nearly all related policy initiatives in New Jersey as well as many federal initiatives for nearly 30 years.


Gale Richter

For over 23 years Gale served the New Jersey Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in various capacities including as Chairperson, facilitating educational programs in the public schools such as BABES (Beginning Alcohol and Addictions Basic Education Studies) reaching thousands of youths, community outreach, writing and overseeing grants for the municipal alliances of New Jersey and was recognized as Volunteer of the Year. Gale served as Program Coordinator and presenter for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence – implementing parenting programs, facilitating groups, and presenting Alcohol Tobacco and other Drugs (ATOD) programs throughout New Jersey For over 10 years Gale worked in the New Jersey Public School system as a Certified Substance Awareness Counselor - dedicated to curriculum development and drug prevention education.


Suzanne Lofton

Suzanne is the President of The Texas Association of Treatment Professionals. She also serves as Executive Director of Faith Based Recovery for Tarrant Spiritual Care Network, working to educate the Faith Based Community on Alcoholism and Addiction. She is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Alcohol Drug Counselor, Substance Abuse Counselor and a Certified Life Coach and Recovery Coach. For over 16 years she has specialized in counseling women with dependent children and who are working on a reunification plan with Child Protective Services and the Criminal Justice Systems.



Ernest Kurtz

Kurtz is the arguably the nation’s preeminent historian on AA and an insightful commentator on AA philosophy. Author of the seminal books Not-God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous and A.A. He holds a Ph.D. in the history of American civilization from Harvard and is currently affiliated with the Center for Self-Help Research at the University of Michigan.